Airbnb London 90-day has started

Airbnb London hosts have been sent into a frenzy at the appearance of the 90-day counter which has gone live over the weekend.

The official Airbnb information posted on their website clearly states, “We will be capping hosting in “entire space” listings at 90 nights per year in London. These limits will reset every year on January 1.” Once you have reached the allowed 90 nights maximum, Airbnb will automatically block your calendar and you won’t be able to accept any more bookings for that calendar year.

We’re receiving a constant flow of calls from worried hosts, many who have called Airbnb’s customer helpline only to find that they are also confused.

There are two official options for hosts, according to Airbnb:-

  • LONDON ONLY: Change your minimum nights to 90. Bookings of 90 days or more are not considered short-term stays per the 2015 Deregulation Act, and will not count towards your short-term limit.
  • Apply to your local council for planning permission.  This will vary from council to council in London. If they grant permission you will be able to rent your property out for more than 90 days on Airbnb’s site.

Hosts who want to let their properties for more than 90 days should consider:-

  • Applying for planning permission from their local council.
  • Listing their property on other sites such as, and

But some will just simply relist their property under another profile. Which technically could be risky if found out. However, it’s likely that hosts would receive a warning first, before any potential prosecution for flouting the law. So if in theory you stopped at this point, it’s unlikely any further action would be taken.

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